Class 10 Science Activity

Activity Heat and Cold

Experiment Name:

To determine the hotness and coldness of two test samples.

Required Equipment And Material:

  • A piece of wood
  • a piece of metal
  • fridge or ice box
  • a matchbox or a candle

Experiment Procedure and Steps:

  • Take a piece of wood and a metal together. You need to put them in a fridge or ice box to check the temperature of the samples.
  • Keep the samples for around 15 minutes in the fridge and take it out. After that tell a friend to touch it with fingers.
  • Even you can test it by taking the samples in your hand. You will notice that one among them is colder than the other.
  • Here in this experiment, the metal piece will be colder than the piece of wood.

Special Precautions:

You must never try to perform this experiment without a laboratory assistant around. You may never know what it might lead to. So, it is suggested that you conduct the experiment only under the special guidance of your laboratory instructor.

What Was Learnt

The main key point behind the experiment is the transfer of heat energy. When you take out the samples from the fridge and touch you feel the coldness of the metal sample. This is due to the fact that heat energy was being transferred from your fingers to the metal object due to which you are feeling the coldness. Similarly, if you remove your fingers you no more feel the coldness. This is because the heat is transferred from the metal to your fingers. You can test this experiment another way by bringing the flame of a matchstick near your fingers and removing it simultaneously.

Is this experiment Doable at home?

Yes, you can conduct this experiment at home but only under parental guidance. A risk factor may always arise in conducting such experiments. Hence, a parental guidance is necessary.

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