Class 10 Science Activity


Experiment Name:

To determine the condensation process which is also called the warming process.

Required Equipment And Material:

  • Glass Tumbler
  • Cold water

Experiment Procedure And Steps:

  • Put a glass tumbler on the desk. Drain cold water up to half its height.
  • You will see that water droplets will form on the outer surface of the glass.

Special Precautions:

You must only conduct this experiment under the special guidance of your laboratory assistant.

What Was Learnt:

We understand that the warmth of the enclosing air is greater than the warmth of the cold water. Air includes water molecules in the formation of vapor. When the particles of water in the air, while their action, thump the covering of the glass tumbler which is cool; they dissipate their kinetic energy which reduces their warmth and they get transformed into droplets.


The heat lost by the water particles in the air is earned by the molecules of the glass tumbler. Henceforth the normal kinetic energy of the glass particles rises.


In change, the steam is transported from glass particles to the water particles in the glass. In this method, the average kinetic energy of water particles in the glass tumbler increases. Therefore we can presume that the warmth of the water in the glass increases. This method is called ‘condensation’. It is a warming method.


Is this experiment Doable at home? (Yes/No):

Yes, you can easily conduct any experiment at home. Make sure to take the help from your parents whenever required. 


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