Class 6 Science Activity

Finding objects that get stuck to the cap of the pin holder

Experiment Name: Finding objects that get stuck to the cap of the pin holder

Required Equipment and Material:

Pin holder, pins, jump-clips, iron nails, piece of paper, pencil, eraser

Experiment Process:

  • Take a pin holder from your school office.
  • Drop some pins, jump-clips, iron nails into it. What do you observe?
  • Do the same with a piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser. What do you observe?

What was Learnt:

You would notice that some of these objects (pins, jump-clips, nails) get stuck to the top of the pin holder while the other objects (paper, pencil, eraser) fall into the pin holder. Why does this happen so? The cap of the pin holder contains a magnet which attracts substances like iron pins, iron nails etc. Similarly, the metal stickers also have a magnet at the back so that they can stick to iron doors.

  • What material is needed for making magnets?
  • How were these magnets discovered?

Try to find the answers to these questions.

Special Precautions:

Be careful while handling pins, iron nails, jump clips, etc.

Possibile to perform at home?

Yes, but perform under parental guidence.

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