Chapter Food

Finding variety in our food

Experiment Name: Finding variety in our food

Material required: 

The food items that we eat regularly

Experiment Process: 

Every day we eat different types of food from morning to night. What did we eat today? What did you eat yesterday? Do you remember? Try to remember and make a list of the food items which you ate yesterday. Also discuss with your friends, family members and collect information about what food they ate yesterday.

Record the information in below table

Table  – What did you eat? 

Name of student Food ate
  • Are there any common food items in the list of yours and your friends’?
  • Count the number of food varieties you have listed in the table?
  • Do all the students eat the same type of food items?
  • What food is served in your school at midday meal?

what was learnt:

With the help of this experiment we have found out the different varieties of food which you, your family members and your friends have been eating regularly.

Special Precautions:



possible to perform at home?


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