Class 9 Science Activity

Identifying the shape and volume of liquids


Experiment Name:

Identifying the shape and volume of liquids

Required Equipment and Material:

You will require a container or jar with measurement feature and several containers with different shapes. For volume experiment, you will need one glass, some water and some milk.

Experiment Process and steps:

You will do two experiments here.

  1. For shape experiment, take different containers of different shapes. Pour water in each of them. Make sure the containers are transparent.
  2. For volume experiment, take one glass. Pour 50 ml water in it. You may mark the level of water. Then throw the water out and pour 50 ml milk. Look for any difference in level created by water and milk.

Special precautions:

Make sure your measurement is correct. The container has to be transparent for clear visibility.

What was Learnt:

From first experiment, you will learn how the water changes its shape when poured in different shaped containers. If you throw the water on flat surface, water will become shapeless and flow in the direction of gradient. From second experiment, you will learn that volume of any liquid covers the same area in same size container.

Is this experiment Doable at home? (Yes/No):

Yes, you can perform this experiment at home. The experiment involves no risky things. If glass jars are not available, you may use transparent plastic jars also.

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