Class 10 Science Activity

 The rise of temperature in various conditions

Experiment Name:

Determining the rising of temperature in various conditions.

Required Equipment And Material:

  • Water
  • Small beaker
  • Large beaker
  • Heater
  • Thermometer

Experiment Procedure And Steps:

  • Take two containers like a beaker which should be of the same size and pour 200 ml of water in each of them.
  • Now, warm the water in both the beakers till they achieve the same temperature.
  • Now, drain the water from these two beakers into a bigger vessel resembling a beaker. Otherwise, you can use a beaker also.
  • Immediately warm the water in one beaker to 90 degrees C and the other to 60 degrees C. Blend the water from these cups in a larger beaker.
  • Now, get100 ml of water at 90 degrees C and 200 ml of water at 60 degrees C and combine the two of them.

Special Precautions:

Make sure to mix properly otherwise you won’t get the desired results.

What Was Learnt:

We can infer from the above experiment that temperature rises when water is heated at different conditions. This mainly happens due to the latent heat phenomenon.

Is this experiment Doable at home? (Yes/No):

Yes, you can easily conduct this experiment at home under special parental guidance.

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