Comparing forests in Forest – Our Life – Class 7 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Forest – Our Life

Activity Name: Comparing forests in Forest – Our Life

Activity Description:

Comparing forests in Forest - Our Life - Class 7 Science Experiment

In this activity, we will compare two types of forests: the forest of hot and humid areas (Equatorial) and the forest of cold areas (Alpine). We will analyze the pictures of these forests and identify their similarities and differences.

Required Items:

  • Pictures of the Equatorial forest
  • Pictures of the Alpine forest

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Obtain pictures of the Equatorial forest and the Alpine forest from reliable sources or textbooks.
  2. Carefully observe the pictures and take note of the features present in each type of forest.
  3. Compare the two forests based on the following aspects: a. Climate and temperature conditions b. Vegetation and plant life c. Animal species and biodiversity d. Soil characteristics e. Adaptations of plants and animals to their respective environments f. Human impacts and interactions (if visible in the pictures)

Experiment Observations:

Document the observed similarities and differences between the Equatorial and Alpine forests based on the listed aspects in the procedure.


  1. Ensure the pictures used for comparison are accurate representations of the respective forest types.
  2. Avoid making assumptions not supported by the pictures or existing knowledge about these forest types.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

By comparing the two types of forests, students will understand how different environmental conditions shape unique habitats. They will gain insights into the diverse adaptations of flora and fauna to thrive in their specific ecosystems.

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