Condition for iron rust in Principle Of Metallurgy- Class 10 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Principle Of Metallurgy

Activity Name: Condition for iron rust in Principle Of Metallurgy

Activity Description:

Condition for iron rust in Principle Of Metallurgy- Class 10 Science Experiment

Investigating the rusting of iron nails under different environmental conditions in three test tubes.

Required Items:

  1. Three test tubes, clean iron nails, water, boiled distilled water, oil, anhydrous calcium chloride.

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Place clean iron nails in each of the three test tubes.
  2. Label the test tubes as A, B, and C.
  3. In test tube A, pour some water and cork it.
  4. In test tube B, pour boiled distilled water, add about 1 ml of oil, and cork it.
  5. In test tube C, put some anhydrous calcium chloride and cork it.
  6. Leave the test tubes for a few days.
  7. Observe and compare the rust formation on the iron nails in each test tube.

Experiment Observations:

  • Iron nails in test tube A (exposed to air and water) rust.
  • Iron nails in test tube B (exposed to only water) do not rust due to the presence of oil preventing air from dissolving in water.
  • Iron nails in test tube C (exposed to dry air) do not rust due to anhydrous calcium chloride absorbing any moisture from the air.


  1. Ensure the test tubes are properly corked to maintain the specified environmental conditions.
  2. Use clean iron nails to avoid any contaminants that might affect the experiment.
  3. Handle anhydrous calcium chloride with care, as it can cause skin and eye irritation.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

The experiment demonstrates that the presence of both moisture and oxygen is necessary for iron rusting to occur. The use of oil or anhydrous calcium chloride can prevent rust formation by eliminating one of these essential factors. Understanding these conditions is vital for the study of metallurgy and corrosion prevention.

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