Taking in food in What do animals eat – Class 6 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: What do animals eat

Activity Name: Taking in food in What do animals eat

Activity Description:

The experiment involves observing and discussing different animals and their eating habits. Participants will create a list of animals, what they eat, and how they find their food. The list will be continuously updated by observing animals in their surroundings.

Required Items:

  • Pen/pencil
  • Paper or notebook

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Gather a group of friends to participate in the activity.
  2. Start discussing the animals you have observed in your surroundings.
  3. Create a table with the following columns: S.No, Animal/Bird, What they eat/drink, How they find food.
  4. Begin filling in the table by adding animals and their corresponding eating habits and food-finding methods.
  5. Encourage everyone to continue observing animals and adding to the table regularly.
  6. Once the table is complete, review and analyze the observations.

Experiment Observations:

The experiment will result in a table containing information about various animals, their dietary preferences, and their methods of finding food. The observations will vary depending on the participants and their environment.

Note down your observations in below table format


  • While observing animals, ensure to maintain a safe distance and not disturb or harm them.
  • Make sure to accurately record the information about the animals and their eating habits.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

Through this experiment, participants will learn about the diverse eating habits of animals and how they find their food. They will gain an understanding of the different types of food consumed by animals and the various strategies employed by them to obtain their food.

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