Acceleration and velocity of an object in Motion – Class 9 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Motion

Activity Name: Acceleration and velocity of an object in Motion

Activity Description:

Acceleration and velocity of an object in Motion - Class 9 Science Experiment

In this experiment, the aim is to determine the acceleration and velocity of an object as it moves down an inclined track. Additionally, a graph will be plotted to show the relationship between distance and time.

The experiment involves releasing a glass marble from various distances on a plastic tube track and recording the time it takes to reach the bottom and strike a steel plate.

Required Items:

  1. Glass marbles
  2. Identical books
  3. Digital clock
  4. Long plastic tubes
  5. Steel plate

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Take a long plastic tube and cut it in half along the length to create two tracks.
  2. Mark readings in centimeters along each track.
  3. Set up the track by placing one end on books to create an incline, with the other end touching the floor.
  4. Place a steel plate on the floor at the bottom of the track and consider this position as the zero distance point.
  5. Select a marble of suitable size for the experiment.
  6. Release the marble from a specific distance, for example, 40cm, and simultaneously start the digital clock.
  7. The marble will move down the track and hit the steel plate, producing a sound. Stop the digital clock when the sound is heard.
  8. Record the time taken by the marble to reach the bottom and strike the plate in a table.
  9. Repeat the experiment 2 to 3 times for the same distance and note down the respective times in the table.
  10. Repeat the entire experiment for various other distances as well.

Experiment Observations:

  1. Record the time taken by the marble to travel the specified distance in each trial.
Acceleration and velocity of an object in Motion - Class 9 Science Experiment


  • Ensure the track is securely placed on the books and the floor to prevent any accidents.
  • Use identical marbles and tracks for consistent results.
  • Make sure the marble moves freely without any obstructions or interference during its journey down the track.
  • Perform the experiment on a smooth and even surface to minimize external factors affecting the results.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

This experiment helps understand the concepts of acceleration and velocity of an object in motion, particularly when it moves along an inclined track. By plotting a graph between distance and time, students can visualize the relationship and gain insights into the object’s motion.

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