Collecting information about the damages caused by earth quakes in Some Natural Phenomena – Class 8 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Some Natural Phenomena

Activity Name: Collecting information about the damages caused by earth quakes in Some Natural Phenomena

Activity Description:

The aim of this activity is to gather information about the significant damages caused by earthquakes in terms of human life and property. By seeking input from parents and collecting pictures from newspapers and magazines that depict the aftermath of past earthquakes, students will prepare a short report highlighting the suffering of affected people during those seismic events.

Required Items:

  1. Notepad or writing material
  2. Access to newspapers and magazines (old editions or archives)

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Start by discussing earthquakes and their potential impact on life and property with the students.
  2. Encourage students to talk to their parents or older relatives who might have experienced or witnessed major earthquakes in the past.
  3. Ask parents about their memories of earthquakes, the damage they caused, and the impact on communities and infrastructure.
  4. Request parents or guardians to provide any relevant pictures or photographs they may have saved from newspapers or magazines that captured the destruction caused by earthquakes.
  5. If available, guide the students to access old editions or archives of newspapers and magazines that covered past earthquake events.
  6. Have the students analyze the pictures and information collected to understand the extent of the damages and the challenges faced by people affected by earthquakes.
  7. Instruct students to compile their findings and observations into a short report, emphasizing the human suffering and loss caused by these seismic events.

Experiment Observations:

  • Students may gather various stories and accounts from their parents or relatives about the destruction caused by earthquakes. They may find pictures showcasing collapsed buildings, damaged infrastructure, displaced communities, and rescue and relief operations.


  1. While discussing earthquakes with the students, ensure the information provided is age-appropriate and sensitive to their emotions.
  2. If some students or their families have experienced traumatic events related to earthquakes, be considerate and provide support as needed.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

Through this activity, students will gain a deeper understanding of the real-world consequences of earthquakes. They will recognize the importance of earthquake preparedness and safety measures to minimize the impact of such natural disasters on human life and property.

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