Effect of rubbing in Some Natural Phenomena – Class 8 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Some Natural Phenomena

Activity Name: Effect of rubbing in Some Natural Phenomena

Activity Description:

Effect of rubbing in Some Natural Phenomena - Class 8 Science Experiment

In this experiment, we will observe the effects of rubbing certain objects on their ability to attract small pieces of paper. The activity aims to demonstrate static electricity and its impact on objects’ behavior.

Required Items:

  1. Used ball-pen refill
  2. Piece of polythene
  3. Comb
  4. Dry hair
  5. Inflated balloon
  6. Clothes (for rubbing the balloon)
  7. Drinking straw
  8. Smooth wall or clothes (for rubbing the drinking straw)
  9. Small pieces of paper, dry leaf, husk, etc. (testing materials)
  10. Table-1 for recording observations

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Take the used ball-pen refill and bring it near small pieces of paper without touching them. Observe what happens to the paper pieces.
  2. Rub the refill vigorously with a piece of polythene.
  3. Bring the rubbed refill close to small pieces of paper and note your observation. Make sure the rubbed end is not touched by your hand or any metallic object.
  4. Take the comb and move it through dry hair a few times.
  5. Bring the comb near small pieces of paper and observe what happens.
  6. Take an inflated balloon and rub it against your clothes.
  7. Bring the balloon close to small pieces of paper and observe.
  8. Take the drinking straw and rub it against a smooth wall or your clothes.
  9. Bring the rubbed straw near pieces of paper and observe.
  10. Repeat the activity by rubbing each object (refill, comb, drinking straw, balloon) and use small pieces of dry leaf, husk, etc., as testing materials. Record your observations in table-1.

Experiment Observations:

Record your observations in the table-1 for each object and testing material. Note whether the objects attracted the testing materials before and after rubbing.

Effect of rubbing in Some Natural Phenomena - Class 8 Science Experiment


  1. Avoid touching the rubbed end of objects with your hand or any metallic object to preserve the static charge.
  2. Make sure the objects and testing materials are dry to ensure accurate observations.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

Through this experiment, we learn about the concept of static electricity. Rubbing certain objects against specific materials can transfer electric charge, allowing the objects to attract small pieces of paper or other lightweight materials. This property is temporary and depends on the presence of static charge on the objects.

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