Separation of mixtures by sublimation in Is Matter Pure – Class 9 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Is Matter Pure

Activity Name: Separation of mixtures by sublimation in Is Matter Pure

Activity Description:

Separation of mixtures by sublimation in Is Matter Pure - Class 9 Science Experiment

This experiment focuses on separating a mixture of common salt and ammonium chloride by sublimation, a process where a solid directly changes into vapor without becoming a liquid first.

Required Items:

  1. One tablespoon of common salt
  2. One tablespoon of ammonium chloride
  3. China dish
  4. Glass funnel
  5. Cotton
  6. Stove
  7. Stand for the stove

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Take one tablespoon of common salt and one tablespoon of ammonium chloride and mix them thoroughly.
  2. Examine the mixture to determine if it is heterogeneous (composed of visibly different substances). Record the reasons for your conclusion.
  3. Transfer the mixture into a china dish.
  4. Take a glass funnel large enough to cover the dish and plug the mouth of the funnel with cotton.
  5. Invert the funnel over the dish as shown in figure 9.
  6. Set up the dish with the inverted funnel on the stand of a stove.
  7. Apply heat to the mixture and observe the walls of the funnel.
  8. Initially, you will notice vapors of ammonium chloride rising and then solidifying on the walls of the funnel.
  9. Try this process with mixtures that contain camphor or naphthalene.

Experiment Observations:

  1. The mixture of common salt and ammonium chloride is homogeneous or heterogeneous.
  2. Upon heating, the ammonium chloride vaporizes and then solidifies on the walls of the inverted funnel.


  • Handle the stove and heating apparatus carefully to avoid accidents.
  • Perform the experiment in a well-ventilated area to prevent the buildup of harmful vapors.
  • Use appropriate safety measures, such as wearing gloves and goggles, while handling chemicals and heating equipment.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

Through this experiment, students will learn that some mixtures can be separated by sublimation. In this case, ammonium chloride, being a substance that sublimes, changes from a solid directly into vapor upon heating and then solidifies again on cooler surfaces. This phenomenon can be utilized to separate ammonium chloride from other substances in the mixture.

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