Write the symbols for given elements in Atoms And Molecules – Class 9 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Atoms And Molecules

Activity Name: Write the symbols for given elements in Atoms And Molecules

Activity Description:

In this activity, students will use a periodic table to find the symbols of elements listed in Table 4 and write them next to their respective names.

Required Items:

  • Periodic Table (either physical or digital)
  • Table 4 (containing the names of elements for which symbols need to be found)

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Distribute the Table 4 worksheet to each student/participant. The table should contain a list of element names without their corresponding symbols.
  2. Provide each student with a periodic table, either in printed or digital format, so they can look up the symbols of the elements.
  3. Instruct the students to find the element names from Table 4 on the periodic table and identify their corresponding symbols.
  4. Ask the students to write down the symbols next to the respective element names in Table 4.
  5. After completing the task, collect the worksheets to assess the students’ accuracy in identifying the symbols.

Experiment Observations:

  • The observations for this activity would include the symbols written by each student next to the element names in Table 4. It can be used to evaluate their understanding of the elements and their corresponding symbols.

Note down your observations in table format:

Write the symbols for given elements in Atoms And Molecules - Class 9 Science Experiment


  1. Ensure that the periodic tables provided to the students are accurate and up-to-date.
  2. Emphasize the importance of careful observation and cross-referencing to avoid mistakes in identifying the symbols.
  3. Encourage students to double-check their work before submitting the completed worksheets.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

This activity helps students reinforce their knowledge of elements and their symbols. By actively looking up and writing down the symbols, they gain familiarity with the periodic table and understand how to represent elements in a concise and standardized manner.

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