Elements and symbols in Atoms And Molecules – Class 9 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Atoms And Molecules

Activity Name: Elements and symbols in Atoms And Molecules

Activity Description:

In this experiment, participants will correct the possible symbols of certain elements listed in Table-3. The objective is to understand the correct representation of elements’ symbols and the reasons behind the correction

Required Items:

  • Table-3 with the list of elements and their possible symbols.

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Examine Table-3 containing a list of elements and their possible symbols.
  2. Cross-check each symbol with reliable reference sources (e.g., periodic table, chemistry textbooks) to verify its accuracy.
  3. Identify and record the incorrect symbols for each element.
  4. Provide reasons and explanations for the corrections made to each symbol.

Experiment Observations:

  • Participants will observe and document the corrections made to the possible symbols of the listed elements. They will gain insights into the significance of accurate element representation in chemistry.

Note down your observations in table format:

Elements and symbols in Atoms And Molecules - Class 9 Science Experiment


  1. Handle reference materials and chemicals (if any) with care to avoid accidents or injuries.
  2. Double-check the corrections made to ensure accuracy before finalizing the answers.
  3. Follow proper safety guidelines when conducting the experiment, especially when referring to chemicals.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

Through this experiment, participants will learn the importance of precise element symbols in chemistry. They will understand that each element has a unique symbol, which is crucial for effective communication in the field of science. This activity reinforces the significance of accuracy and attention to detail in scientific studies.

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