How a dog gets its food in What do animals eat – Class 6 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: What do animals eat

Activity Name: How a dog gets its food in What do animals eat

Activity Description:

The experiment involves observing a dog in your surroundings and noting down its behavior and actions related to obtaining food. The observations should focus on how a dog finds food, the parts involved in taking in food, how it eats meat, and how it drinks water.

Additionally, the activity encourages making connections to other animals and their feeding habits, such as wild carnivores and herbivores.

Required Items:

  • Notebook or paper
  • Pen or pencil

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Find a suitable location where you can observe a dog comfortably and without causing any disturbance to the dog or its owner.
  2. Observe the dog’s behavior and actions related to obtaining food. Take notes of your observations in the space provided below.

Experiment Observations:

• What does it do to find food?

  • The dog sniffs around the surroundings, using its sense of smell to locate potential food sources.
  • It may wander around or explore different areas in search of food.
  • The dog may dig or paw at the ground if it detects a scent or suspects food is buried.

• Which parts are involved in taking in food?

  • The dog uses its mouth and teeth to grab, chew, and swallow food.
  • Its jaws and teeth are used to tear and break down larger food items.
  • The tongue helps in moving the food around the mouth and swallowing.

• How does a dog eat meat?

  • The dog uses its sharp teeth to tear into the meat.
  • It may bite and chew on the meat to break it into smaller, manageable pieces.
  • The dog’s jaws and teeth are adapted for tearing and consuming meat efficiently.

• How does a dog drink water?

  • The dog uses its tongue to lap up water from a bowl or other water source.
  • It extends its tongue into the water and uses a scooping motion to bring the water into its mouth.
  • The dog may also use its tongue to clean its face after drinking.

• Other observations and insights related to the dog’s food-seeking behavior:

  • The dog may exhibit focused behavior when it detects the scent of food, such as sniffing more intensely or following a particular trail.
  • It may display excitement or eagerness when it finds food, wagging its tail or moving more quickly towards the food source.
  • Dogs may display different strategies for finding food depending on their individual training, environment, and previous experiences.


  1. Maintain a safe distance from the dog and avoid interfering with its activities.
  2. Ensure that you have permission from the dog’s owner to observe and document its behavior.
  3. Do not attempt to feed or distract the dog during your observation.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

Through this experiment, we can learn about the feeding habits of dogs and gain insights into how they find and consume their food. Additionally, we can make connections to other animals, such as wild carnivores and herbivores, and understand how their unique adaptations help them acquire their respective food sources.

This experiment highlights the importance of teeth and other specialized body parts in an animal’s feeding process and helps us appreciate the diversity of feeding strategies in the animal kingdom.

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