Lewis structure in Chemical Bonding – Class 10 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Chemical Bonding

Activity Name: Lewis structure in Chemical Bonding

Activity Description:

In this activity, students will create Lewis structures for various elements and identify their group numbers on the periodic table.

Required Items:

  • Periodic table
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Paper/Worksheet with a table and blank spaces for Lewis structures and group numbers.

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Introduce the concept of Lewis structures and their significance in understanding chemical bonding.
  2. Provide a brief explanation of the periodic table and how elements are arranged in groups.
  3. Distribute the worksheet with a table that includes spaces for writing Lewis structures and group numbers.
  4. Instruct the students to choose a set of elements from the provided list or the periodic table.
  5. Guide the students on how to determine the number of valence electrons for each element by referring to the group number of the element.
  6. Assist the students in drawing the Lewis structures for each selected element. Remind them to follow the octet rule whenever applicable.
  7. Check and discuss the Lewis structures as a class to ensure correctness.
  8. Ask the students to identify the group number of each element on the periodic table based on their location.
  9. Discuss the patterns and trends in group numbers and valence electrons.
  10. Encourage students to draw conclusions about the relationship between the group number and the number of valence electrons for elements in the same group.

Experiment Observations:

  • Lewis structures of various elements drawn by students.
  • Identification of group numbers for each element.

Note down your observation in table format:

Lewis structure in Chemical Bonding - Class 10 Science Experiment


  1. Students should be careful in counting the valence electrons and drawing the Lewis structures to avoid errors.
  2. Ensure students are using the correct periodic table and referring to the appropriate group number for each element.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

Through this activity, students will understand the concept of Lewis structures, the role of valence electrons in chemical bonding, and the relationship between group numbers and valence electrons for elements in the periodic table.

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