Locating centre of gravity in Gravitation – Class 9 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Gravitation

Activity Name: Locating centre of gravity in Gravitation

Activity Description:

Locating centre of gravity in Gravitation - Class 9 Science Experiment

In this experiment, we will use a meter scale to find the center of gravity of a uniform object, specifically a meter stick.

By suspending the meter stick from various points and observing its behavior, we can understand the concept of the center of gravity and how it affects the balance of the object.

Required Items:

  • Meter scale (meter stick)
  • Support stand and clamp (or any suspension mechanism)

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Set up the support stand or clamp on a stable surface.
  2. Take the meter scale (meter stick) and examine it to ensure it is uniform and has equal mass distribution along its length.
  3. Suspend the meter stick horizontally from one end using the support stand or clamp.
  4. Observe the behavior of the meter stick when it is suspended. Take note of any noticeable changes or behavior.
  5. Repeat the suspension process from different points along the length of the meter stick (not just the ends) and observe the behavior each time.
  6. Finally, suspend the meter stick from its midpoint (exactly at 50 cm) and observe what happens.

Experiment Observations:

  1. When suspended from different points, the meter stick may exhibit different angles or orientations depending on the position of suspension.
  2. When suspended from one end, the meter stick will tend to tilt downwards due to the unbalanced weight distribution.
  3. However, when suspended from its midpoint, the meter stick should remain horizontally balanced.


  1. Handle the meter stick and equipment with care to avoid any damage or injury.
  2. Ensure the support stand or clamp is securely set up to prevent accidents.
  3. Conduct the experiment in a controlled environment to avoid disturbances.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

Through this experiment, we learn about the concept of the center of gravity in a uniform object. The center of gravity is the point where the entire weight of the object can be considered to act. When a uniform object like the meter stick is suspended from its center of gravity, it remains in a state of equilibrium without tilting or rotating.

This experiment helps students understand how balancing an object provides a simple method of locating its center of gravity and how the force of gravity acts on different points of the object.

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