Observe weather in Weather and Climate – Class 7 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Weather and Climate

Activity Name: Observe weather in Weather and Climate

Activity Description:

In this activity, we will observe and analyze the weather data for Hyderabad over three consecutive days.

Required Items:

  1. Weather data table for Hyderabad (provided in the description).

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Examine the provided weather data table for Hyderabad, which includes the following parameters for three consecutive days (Day-1, Day-2, and Day-3):
    • Maximum Temperature
    • Minimum Temperature
    • Rainfall
    • Sky condition
    • Wind
    • Humidity
    • Sunrise and sunset timings
  2. Analyze the data for each day to understand the weather conditions in Hyderabad during the specified period.

Experiment Observations:


  • Maximum Temperature: 28°C
  • Minimum Temperature: 29°C
  • Rainfall: None
  • Sky Condition: Clear
  • Wind: Very mild breeze
  • Humidity: 95%
  • Sunrise: 6:25 am
  • Sunset: 5:40 pm


  • Maximum Temperature: 27°C
  • Minimum Temperature: 17°C
  • Rainfall: Light Shower
  • Sky Condition: Cloudy
  • Wind: Mild Breeze
  • Humidity: 90%
  • Sunrise: 6:30 am
  • Sunset: 5:40 pm


  • Maximum Temperature: 29°C
  • Minimum Temperature: 21°C
  • Rainfall: None
  • Sky Condition: Cloudy
  • Wind: Good Breeze
  • Humidity: 85%
  • Sunrise: 6:31 am
  • Sunset: 5:41 pm


  1. Ensure that the weather data is accurate and reliable from a trusted source.
  2. Take note of any sudden changes or anomalies in the weather data.
  3. Use appropriate measuring instruments to record the temperature, humidity, and other weather parameters.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

  1. Weather conditions can vary significantly from day to day, and it is essential to monitor and record these changes accurately.
  2. Factors like temperature, rainfall, wind, and humidity can influence the overall weather patterns of a region.
  3. Cloud cover can affect both daytime temperatures and nighttime temperatures, as it traps heat and prevents rapid cooling during the night.
  4. Wind speed is an essential factor in determining how comfortable the weather feels, especially during hot or humid days.
  5. Observing the sunrise and sunset timings can help in understanding the length of daylight available during different seasons.

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