Seeds from fields in Seed Dispersal – Class 7 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Seed Dispersal

Activity Name: Seeds from fields in Seed Dispersal

Activity Description:

In this activity, students will form groups of four or five and collect information about seeds that are dispersed by humans. The aim is to explore various ways in which humans unintentionally disperse seeds from fields and their surroundings.

Required Items:

  1. Notebooks and pens for recording information
  2. Camera or smartphones for taking pictures (optional)
  3. Field guides or online resources about plant species (optional but helpful)

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Form groups of four or five students, ensuring each group has a designated recorder.
  2. Go to a nearby agricultural field or any area with vegetation where human activities are prominent.
  3. Observe and identify different plant species growing in the area.
  4. Look for signs of human interaction, such as footpaths, roads, or areas where people congregate.
  5. Carefully examine these areas and the surroundings for any plant species that have seeds or fruits.
  6. Record the name of the plant, a description of the seed or fruit, and how it is dispersed by humans (e.g., unintentionally carried on shoes, clothing, or vehicles).
  7. Take pictures of the plants and their seeds or fruits for reference and documentation (optional but helpful).

Experiment Observations:

The students should observe and document various plant species found in the area, along with their respective seeds or fruits. They should note down the ways in which these seeds or fruits are dispersed by human activities.


  1. Students should be cautious while collecting information and avoid damaging any plants or their surroundings.
  2. If collecting seeds or fruits for identification, ensure that it is legal and permissible in the area.
  3. Be respectful of private property and obtain permission if necessary before entering someone’s land.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

Through this activity, students will learn about the unintentional role humans play in seed dispersal. They will understand how human activities can inadvertently transport seeds to new locations, aiding in the dispersal and germination of various plant species. This activity will also help raise awareness about the impact of human actions on the distribution and diversity of plant life.

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