Understanding the energy of moving objects in Work And Energy – Class 9 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Work And Energy

Activity Name: Understanding the energy of moving objects in Work And Energy

Activity Description:

Understanding the energy of moving objects in Work And Energy - Class 9 Science Experiment

In this experiment, we will observe the behavior of a metal ball and a hollow plastic block placed side by side on a table.

The metal ball is separated from the block and pushed to roll on the table with a certain speed ‘v’. We will then examine what happens to the plastic block and how the positions and states of the ball and block change during this process.

Required Items:

  1. Metal ball
  2. Hollow plastic block
  3. Table

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Place the metal ball and the hollow plastic block side by side on the table.
  2. Separate the metal ball from the block and position it at one end of the table.
  3. Push the metal ball gently to make it roll on the table with a constant speed ‘v’.
  4. Observe and note the changes in the position and state of the metal ball and the plastic block during the rolling motion.

Experiment Observations:

  1. The metal ball, when pushed, starts rolling with a speed ‘v’.
  2. The ball hits the plastic block and displaces it from point A to point B.
  3. The moving ball does work on the plastic block to push it forward.
  4. The plastic block moves from its initial position due to the impact of the moving ball.


  1. Ensure the table surface is smooth and free from any obstacles.
  2. Be careful while pushing the metal ball to avoid excessive force that could lead to unintended consequences.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

The experiment demonstrates that a moving object possesses more energy than when it is at rest. A body in motion is capable of doing work, as evidenced by the moving ball’s ability to displace the plastic block. This observation highlights the connection between the kinetic energy of the moving object and its capacity to perform work on other objects.

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