A Garden in box in Reflection of Light – Class 7 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Reflection of Light

Activity Name: A Garden in box in Reflection of Light

Activity Description:

A Garden in box in Reflection of Light - Class 7 Science Experiment

This experiment aims to demonstrate the reflection of light using plane mirrors inside a shoe box to create the illusion of a beautiful garden.

By positioning two parallel mirrors with their reflecting surfaces facing each other and a scratched mirror with a hole in the center, light will be reflected multiple times, resulting in the visual appearance of a vast garden inside the box.

Required Items:

  1. Empty shoe box
  2. Two plane mirrors
  3. One scratched mirror
  4. Flowers
  5. Lid with holes

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Place the two plane mirrors along the edges of the shoe box, ensuring they are parallel to each other and their reflecting surfaces face each other.
  2. Scratch the center part of the third mirror at its back and make a hole in the box wall that aligns with the scratched portion of the mirror.
  3. Place some flowers inside the shoe box.
  4. Before closing the box, make a few holes in the lid to allow light to enter.

Experiment Observations:

  • When you look through the hole in the lid, you will observe a fascinating and beautiful illusion of a vast garden inside the box, created by the reflection of light among the mirrors.


  1. Handle the mirrors with care to avoid damage.
  2. Be cautious while making holes in the box and lid to prevent any accidents.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

This experiment demonstrates the principles of light reflection and how multiple reflections can produce captivating visual effects. It helps understand the concept of virtual images and the role of mirrors in creating optical illusions.

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