Copper wire in Electromagnetism- Class 10 Science Experiment

Chapter Name: Electromagnetism

Activity Name: Copper wire in Electromagnetism

Activity Description:

Copper wire in Electromagnetism- Class 10 Science Experiment

In this experiment, you will create an electromagnet by winding copper wire around a soft iron cylinder. You will then observe the levitation of a metal ring when the coil is connected to an AC source. Additionally, you will observe the behavior of the metal ring when the coil is connected to a DC source.

Required Items:

  1. Wooden base
  2. Soft iron cylinder
  3. Copper wire
  4. Metal ring (slightly larger in radius than the soft iron cylinder)
  5. AC source
  6. DC source

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. Take the wooden base and fix the soft iron cylinder vertically onto it.
  2. Wind the copper wire around the soft iron cylinder to form a coil.
  3. Insert the metal ring through the center of the soft iron cylinder on the wooden base.
  4. Connect the ends of the copper wire coil to an AC source and switch on the current.
  5. Observe the levitation of the metal ring above the coil due to the magnetic field produced by the electromagnet.
  6. Switch off the AC current, and you will notice the metal ring dramatically jumping into the air.
  7. Disconnect the AC supply and connect the coil to a DC source.
  8. Observe the behavior of the metal ring when the coil is connected to the DC source.

Experiment Observations:

  • When the AC current is switched on, the metal ring levitates above the coil due to the magnetic field generated by the electromagnet.
  • Turning off the AC current causes the metal ring to jump into the air dramatically, losing its levitated state.
  • When connected to a DC source, the behavior of the metal ring may differ from that observed with the AC source.


  1. Handle the electrical connections with care to avoid any electric shock.
  2. Make sure the coil is securely wound and fixed to the wooden base.
  3. Ensure that the metal ring used is non-magnetic to avoid interference with the experiment.

Lesson Learnt from Experiment:

This experiment demonstrates the principle of electromagnetism, where a magnetic field is produced around a coil when an electric current flows through it.

The levitation of the metal ring illustrates how electromagnets can exert a magnetic force on nearby objects. Additionally, the different behaviors observed with AC and DC sources highlight the significance of the alternating nature of AC current in generating a varying magnetic field.

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