Science experiments for Class 8 – Telangana state syllabus

  • Chapter 1: Force
    • Activity-1: Identifying push or pull
    • Activity-2: Preparing a list of examples for muscular force
    • Activity-3 : Observing the changes in any muscle while working
    • Activity-4 and 5 : Observing the motion of a ball on different surfaces
    • Activity-6 : Observing the magnetic force.
    • Activity-7: Observing electrostatic forces
    • Activity-8 : Visualizing magnetic field.
    • Activity-9: Effects of net force acting on a table
    • Activity-10: Effects of stretched rubber bands on fingers
    • Activity-11: Effect of force on change of the state of motion of an object and it’s direction.
    • Activity-12: Effects of net force on direction of moving object
    • Activity-13: Change in effect of force with area of contact – 1
    • Activity-14: Change in effect of force with area of contact – 2
    • Activity 15: Identifying effects of force